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Hosted Square Key System (also referred to as “Hosted Key” or “Retail Line”) is a feature rich Key System replacement solution for the retail environment. A single Hosted Square Key System station can be assigned to multiple individual lines on a single device or multiple devices simulating a traditional squared key system: a single telephone number available in 2, 4, 8, or 12 call paths. Support for number of line appearances will depend on package and phone selection.

Feature Prerequisites/Notes

  • The Hosted Square Key feature must be ordered and provisioned before it is viewable in the portal.
  • Assigned phones must have available line appearances to be added to the Hosted Key station.
  • No calling between phones assigned to the Hosted Key System.
  • Extension numbers 0911,1911,0311,1311 are not allowed.
  • Supported devices include: Yealink T4x/T5x Series, Polycom VVX Series, Cisco MPP Series

Configuring Hosted Square Key

Once the Hosted Square Key feature is provisioned by your service provider, you can configure and modify the feature within the admin portal. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select Advanced Services in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Then select the Productivity Services tab.
  4. Select Hosted Square Key.
  5. Click image for large view

  6. This brings you to a list of Hosted Square Key stations assigned to your location. To modify, select Edit.
  7. Click image for large view

  8. Under Settings you can modify the following:
    • Assigned Appearances – Choose a quantity of line appearances of the phone number will be shown on each phone assigned to the Square Key group. The number of line appearances may be less than but not exceed the number of lines for the Hosted Square Key station type assigned. This setting will also be applied as a filter in the Available devices list showing only the devices which support the number of lines based on the setting. The number of shares should be limited to the Hosted Square key station assigned.
    • Reboot Devices – Click button to Reboot the devices after the assignments have been changed.
  9. Click image for large view

  10. Under Devices you can perform the following:
    • Search Available Devices – The Available device list may be searched for a device or devices which are desired to be assigned to the Hosted Square Key group.
      • Available – The list of available devices represented by their MAC address which may be assigned to the Hosted Square Key. The list will show only phones with available line appearances based on the entered value in Assigned Appearances.
      • Assigned – Shows the devices which have been assigned to the Hosted Square Key group.
    • Assign a Device/User – To assign a device/user to the Hosted Square Key group, check the box next to the device/user you would like to assign and then select the right arrow to move to the Assigned list.
  11. Click image for large view

  12. Select Save to save your changes.

Feature Operation

  1. A caller calls into the Hosted Key System phone number.
  2. The Hosted Key System service sets up simultaneous calls to all of the assigned phones.
  3. Each of the target phones ring. The next available line key on each phone will flash green
  4. The first phone to answer connects the call. The corresponding line key turns red on all other phones.
  5. Only one phone can access an active line appearance at a time.
  6. A line appearance is consumed by an incoming or outgoing call.
  7. Activating Do Not Disturb on a phone will remove that phone from receiving calls to the Hosted Key System number.
  8. No calling between phones assigned to the Hosted Key System.