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Webex Carrier administrators can view licenses per location or across all locations, as a downloadable CSV file. From the Calling Admin Portal, administrators are provided both a viewable/downloadable report, allowing the ability to filter by all locations or individual sites, as well as an API. The following information is provided:

  • Location name/ID
  • Total number of users provisioned
  • Total licenses deployed
  • Number of telephone numbers (assigned/used/available) per given site
  • Number of devices (assigned/used/available) per given site
  • Number of registered devices/endpoints

Note: The number of registered devices/endpoints can also be viewed via Service Assurance report

View or Download an Inventory Report

  1. Log in to the admin portal
  2. Go to the Orders and Inventory panel from the Dashboard view
  3. Click the download icon or select the hyperlink to download the inventory information grouped by site
  4. Click image for large view