Admin Portal – Modifying Station Type

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When setting up a user either from the Quick Start menu on the dashboard or from the Users page, you are prompted to assign the user a Station – Premium, Standard or Basic. Each station type includes a set of soft clients that are available with that station assignment. After a user is created, administrators may need to upgrade or downgrade the station package because the user’s needs have changed, station availability, etc.

In this guide, we’ll review how an administrator can modify a user’s station package assignment within the Calling Admin Portal.

Changing the User’s Station Package

To modify a user’s station package, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select the Users tab in the left-hand navigation.
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  4. Station options are limited to the available licenses/stations. Before upgrading/downgrading, you may want to check your station inventory. To do this, from the Users tab, select Check Station Inventory.
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  6. The Station Inventory table displays the Available, In Use and Total number of stations assigned and purchased for the site. If you require additional stations please contact your provider to place and order. 
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  8. After confirming that you have the stations you need to make the changes you need, find the user who you would like to modify on the Users page and select the Actions drop-down menu.
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  10. Select Edit. The Edit User window appears.
  11. Select User Assignments from the left-hand navigation.
  12. Under Station, use the drop-down menu to select the new station to assign the user.
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  14. If the station selected has less features, a pop-up appears asking you to confirm.
  15. Select Yes to confirm a downgrade.
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  17. Select Save to save your changes.

Note: The station previously assigned to the user will remain in inventory until it is either assigned to another user or removed via a disconnect order.  Please contact your partner for details on disconnects.