Cisco IP Phone 6800/7800 MPP Series

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This guide will cover the features and functions of the Cisco IP 6800/7800 Series Phone.

Function Buttons

These buttons are key to many of the feature processes of the Cisco IP 6800/7800 series phones:

  • Navigation Cluster – The navigation cluster is the circular buttons in the middle of your phone. Press up or down to scroll through the options, lists, and menus. Press the center button to select the highlighted item.
  • Softkey Buttons – The softkey buttons, located beneath the main display are used to perform various functions that appear directly above them. The softkey functions may change to support your current activity.
  • Line Keys – The line buttons indicate the status of your lines and calls. The backlighting lets you know whether a line is
    • Idle
    • Ringing
    • In Use
    • On Hold
    • Unregistered

Using Your Device

Placing Calls

To place a call:

  • Pick up the handset and dial the number.
  • If a headset is connected to your device, press the headset button and dial the number to place the call.

Answering Calls

To answer an incoming call:

  • Pick up the handset. You can also press the Answer softkey button or the Speakerphone button.

Rejecting Calls

To decline an incoming call:

  • Press the Decline softkey button. The incoming call will divert to voicemail or to your call forward no answer destination number immediately

Answering Calls – While on an Active Call

To answer an incoming call while on an active call:

  • Press the Answer softkey – your active call will automatically be placed on hold.

To decline the incoming call:

  • press the Decline softkey – the incoming call divert to voicemail or your call forward no answer destination number.

Call Forwarding

To enable Call Forwarding:

  • Press the Forward softkey,
  • Dial a number as if you were calling,
  • Press Call.

The display shows that the line is forwarded to that destination number.

Do Not Disturb

To enable Do Not Disturb:

  • Press the Do Not Disturb (DND) softkey.

Note: When Do Not Disturb is enabled, all incoming calls will be diverted to voicemail or to your call forward no answer destination number. To disable Do Not Disturb, press the Do Not Disturb softkey again.

Accessing Voicemail

To access your voicemail system:

  • Press the Messages button,
  • Then follow the voice prompts to choose a PIN, record your name, and record your personal greeting.

Retrieving Voicemail

To retrieve your voicemail:

  • Press Messages and follow the voice prompts to enter your voicemail PIN.

Call Hold

To place an active call on hold:

  • Press the Hold button or the Hold softkey.

Resume Call that was Placed on Hold

To retrieve a call that’s been placed on hold, either:

  • Press the Resume softkey button or press the line button where the call is being held. This is indicated by the red flashing light.

Three-Way Calling

To initiate a three-way call, while on an active call:

  • Press the Conference button.
  • Enter the desired extension or phone number.
  • Press the Call softkey. When the number called answers, press Conference again to connect the three-way call.

Ending a Three-Way Calling

To end a three-way call, hang up the phone or press the End Call softkey.

Blind/Cold Transfer

To transfer a call to another person without talking to them privately about the caller beforehand.

While on an active call:

  • Press the More softkey,
  • then press the Blind Transfer softkey.
  • Enter the phone number and press the Call softkey to complete the transfer.

Consulted/Warm Transfer

To talk privately about a call before transferring:

  • While on an active call, press the Transfer button or Transfer softkey.
  • Enter the phone number and press the Call softkey. The first call will be automatically placed on hold and the destination party’s phone will ring.
  • When the destination party answers, you can talk privately about the call before transferring.

To complete the transfer, press the Transfer button or Transfer softkey again.

Direct Transfer to Voicemail

To transfer a call directly to another user’s voicemail without ringing their phone, while on an active call:

  • Press the More softkey.
  • Then press the Blind Transfer softkey.
  • Dial *55 followed by the extension you would like to transfer the call to. This completes the transfer to voicemail.

Call Pull

The Call Pull feature allows a user to continue a conversation which is already active on their mobile softphone application by pulling the call from the app device to their desk phone.

To perform a Call Pull, while on an active call on your desktop or mobile softphone application:

  • Pick up the handset on your desktop phone and Dial * 11 (Star 11).
  • The active call has moved to your desktop phone.

Call History

To access Call History for placed, answered, and missed calls:

  • Press the Information and Settings button.
  • Press 1 for recent calls. From here you can choose from: All calls, Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Placed Calls.
  • Use the navigation arrows to scroll to your desired list and press the Select softkey to make your selection.

To place a call, scroll to the desired number and press the Call softkey.

To immediately place a call to a most recently missed call, press the Call return softkey.

Note: This key will only be visible if you recently missed a phone call and if the Missed call shortcut feature is set to On. You may check this setting by selecting the Information and Settings button, User Preferences then Call Preferences.

Park/Retrieve calls

Call Park is a shared hold that allows you to “park” a call on one phone and retrieve it on another phone. For example, if you receive a call from a customer with a question about their archived file, you can park the call and retrieve the call from the file room phone to answer their account questions.

To park a call:

  • Press the Transfer softkey and enter *68 (star 68).
  • Enter the extension where you would like to park that call against or press the # (pound) key to park the call against your own extension.

To retrieve a parked call from any phone:

  • Press the Pickup softkey.