Admin Portal – Managing Administrators

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What you need to know:

The admin portal allows the creation of local or sub administrators who are responsible for specific functions. These administrators may be given permission to view and manage a certain site or certain functions in the portal but restricted from other enterprise sites or function.

To Manage Admins:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Go to the profile options drop-down and select Manage Admins.
  3. Click image for large view
  4. From here, you can see a list of all the admins created for your group. Note: Logins for additional administrators may have already been created, having the same or fewer permissions as the enterprise admin.

    Creating an Administrator

    1. To create a new administrator, select Create Admin.
    2. Click image for large view
    3. Enter the following information:
      • Account Username – Used for the Admin to sign into the Enterprise Portal.
      • Contact Information.
      • Address.
      • Sites assigned to the Admin.
      • Permissions – The following chart shows the control associated with each option in this section.




    Analytics in left tab

    Call Recording

    Call Recording in left tab


    The Dashboard page

    Manage Admins

    Manage Admins in header bar


    The default landing page showing

    Manage Admins

    Manage Admins menu item in top header bar


    Notes in left tab


    Orders menu item in header bar


    Company Profile menu item in header bar


    Reports in left tab


    Services in left tab and Assignments/List By Service

    SIP Trunking

    SIP Trunking in left tab

    User Assignments

    Assignments / List By Number
    Assignments / List By Device
    Assignments / List By Service
    Assignments / List By User

    Modify an Existing Admin

    1. From the profile options drop-down, select Manage Admins.
    2. From here you can see all the admin user’s information.  The following fields may be updated as needed.
    3. Select Save to keep any changes made.

    Admin Details


    • Username – This is the login username for the admin.  It may be changed if necessary.  If changed.  Select Save to keep any changes.
    • Parent User – The administrator which created this sub admin.
    • Child User – Shows the sub administrators which have been created by this administrator.
    • Disable Admin – Click to disable this administrator login.
    • Reset Password – Click button to reset the admin user’s password.  An email will be sent to you with a temporary password which must be changed at next sign in.

    Main Contact

    The Account Admin’s information.  Changes may be made as required. A “*” indicates required information.

    • Name Information – The admin user’s first, middle and last name. These may be changed when necessary.
    • Email – the admin’s email address.
    • Business Telephone – The business telephone number of the administrator.
    • Fax Number – The fax number for the administrator.
    • Mobile Phone Number – The mobile or cellular number for the administrator.
    • Home Phone Number – The home phone number for the administrator.


    This is the administrator’s physical or mailing address.  

    Site Permissions

    This screen shows the Sites which the administrator may manage.  The Sites may be changed by checking or unchecking the left hand boxes next to the Site Name. Sites may be found by using the Search bar tool at the top or page by page.

    Feature Permissions

    The Permissions screen shows the Site features/function the Administrator may manage.  See Section below for descriptions of each function.
    The Permissions may be changed as necessary.