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Introduction to Music On Hold

You can assign and configure the music your callers hear when they are placed on hold. You can use the default system music or customized Music On Hold.

  • Default: The system plays music to fill the silence and allow the customer to know they are still connected. 
  • Custom: Enables you to upload a customized message.

Feature Prerequisites

Before the Music On Hold service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • Music on Hold must be purchased and provisioned for the site.

Configure Music On Hold

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select your Site from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Advanced Services from the left menu.
  4. Select Music On Hold under Site Package Settings.

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  1. Select when to play music on hold.
    • On Hold: Will play music for callers that are placed on hold.
    • Call Park: Will play music for calls that are parked.
  2. Select the Music On Hold source. This setting assigns either the default music on hold or a custom music on hold file.
    • System: If selected, the default Music On Hold file will be played to callers placed on hold.
    • Custom: Choose this option to assign a custom Music On Hold file. Note: This file needs to have the following attributes: CCITT u-Law 8.000 kHz, 8 bit Mono .WAV file format.
      1. Select the cloud to locate the file on your computer.
      2. Then select Open.
      3. Select Save.

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