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Introduction to Hoteling

Hoteling enables a user’s phone profile of phone number, features, and calling plan to be temporarily loaded onto a shared (host) phone. It is comprised of two features: Hoteling Host and Hoteling Guest that work together to allow you to designate specific phones (hosts) that users (guests) can temporarily log into and use as their own phone. When a guest logs in to a host phone, their user profile is automatically transferred to the device. The host device then becomes the user’s primary device while they are logged into it.

The Hoteling feature is useful for companies with traveling users which enables workers to be in a remote office but still have the functionality of their main desk phone with the same features. It is also useful in a call center environment where a site may have a limited number of phones but need their employees to share their phones over multiple shifts while being able to maintain a specific profile acting as their agent identity in the call center.

Feature Set-Up

  1. Log in to the Calling User Portal dashboard. You will be brought to the Calling User Portal Dashboard with the Voicemail page being the first thing you see.
  2. Click on the Call Settings Page.
  3. Click the Additional Features tab and find the Hoteling setting area.
  4. To enable Hoteling , click on the toggle button to the right of the text.
  5. When finished, click the Save.

Note: The association limit cannot be greater than the limit set by your system administrator. If you set a greater limit, an error message will be displayed and you will need to set it again.

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