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What you need to know:

Office Anywhere (sometimes simply called “Anywhere”) is a Mobility feature supporting the following functions on the phone of your choice, such as your personal mobile phone:

  • Receive calls on an alternate phone – Office Anywhere allows calls placed to a user’s office phone to ring any phone(s) set up with the feature. Most users designate their mobile phone as their “Office Anywhere phone.”
  • Place calls from an alternate phone – users can place calls that display the outbound caller ID of their desktop phone from their Office Anywhere phone.
  • “Push” and “pull” active calls between desktop and mobile phones – when on an active call using a desktop phone, users can push that call to their Office Anywhere phone. Conversely, while on an active call on a designated Office Anywhere phone, users can pull the call to their desktop phone.
  • Place long distance and international calls from an alternate phone – when users place long distance or international calls from an Office Anywhere phone, usage is tracked and reflected on the Virtual Communications Express invoice just as any other toll calls would.


Configure Office Anywhere

To set up the Office Anywhere feature:

  1. Sign into the My Phone portal
  2. Click the My Features Tab.
  3. Then, click on “Anywhere/Sim Ring” to view the configuration options.

  4. Click image for large view
  5. Enter your Anywhere phone number here to enable the Anywhere feature. Then, select Anywhere form the drop-down menu. Click the Plus (+) Sign to add the number.
  6. Enter the name of your Anywhere phone, like “Mobile Phone”.
  7. To activate this phone upon set-up completion, click the Active box.
  8. Check the Answer Confirmation to enable a prompt on inbound calls received on your Anywhere phone to press any digit before the call is connected.
  9. Then, click the Save Button. You can now begin receiving calls on your configured Anywhere number.

  10. Click image for large view

    Click image for large view
  11. If you would like all phones that have been set up as Anywhere phones to be alerted when you place Click-to-Dial Calls from the My Phone Portal or from the Chrome Dialer, select Alert All Locations of Click-to-Dial Calls.
  12. To identify the telephone number of the Anywhere Portal you should use for outgoing calls, click the View Portals Button. Your Anywhere Portal phone number is displayed here. For ease of use, store this number in your mobile or other chosen Anywhere phone as the “Anywhere Portal.

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Next, we will cover how to use the Anywhere feature to place calls.


Using Office Anywhere

As soon as the Office Anywhere feature has been configured, you will be able to place, pull, and push calls from your Anywhere phone. An Office Anywhere phone is a User-defined phone that is on a call either initiated via the Office Anywhere Portal or answered via the Simultaneous Ring function of Office Anywhere.

To place calls from your Anywhere phone;

  1. Dial the Anywhere Portal number, then enter your Voicemail Passcode.
  2. Following the prompts, enter the destination of the party you wish to reach. The call will be placed and your Business Line Caller ID, not your mobile phone Caller ID, will be displayed to the receiving party.

The Anywhere feature allows you, while on an active call, to “pull” calls from your Anywhere phone to your desktop phone.

To pull a call, while on your Anywhere phone;

  1. Pick up the handset on your desktop phone. Then dial Star (*) 1 – 1.
  2. The call will be moved from your Anywhere phone to your desktop phone.

The Anywhere feature also allows you to “push” calls from your desktop phone to your Anywhere phone.

To push a call, while on an active call on your desktop phone;

  1. Dial the Anywhere Portal on your Anywhere phone.
  2. Enter your Voicemail Passcode.
  3. At the audio prompt, enter Star (*) 1 – 1.

The call will be moved from your desktop phone to your Anywhere phone.