Webex Calling for Carrier
Carrier: Calling HelpDesk Login


The Carrier Calling HelpDesk (CHD) is a sub-section of Carrier Support Center. It is only available to Service Providers (SPs). The Carrier Calling HelpDesk (CHD) contains documentation specific to this audience and requires authentication with your SSO credentials to access.

Carrier Calling HelpDesk Login

  1. Click Partners in the main Carrier Support Center menu, or access CHD directly at https://carrier.webex.com/partner-help-desk/.
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  3. When prompted to log in, enter the email address used to log into your Cisco SSO, and click Next.
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  5. Your email address will be verified, and you will be prompted to enter your Password and select Sign in.
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    Once authenticated, you will be directed to Carrier Calling HelpDesk homepage.

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