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Administrators access to a user’s Calling User Portal through the Calling Admin Portal. With this access, administrators can manage some of the features that are not available in the admin portal. For example, enabling or disabling DND and other rule-based features. This can be helpful when users are out of the office unexpectedly or when troubleshooting the user features.

This feature must be enabled for the administrator. This guide will go through the steps of enabling/disabling administrator permissions as well as the steps for accessing a user’s Calling User Portal.

Enabling Administrator Permissions

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner and then select Manage Admins.
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  4. A pop-up will appear with a list of administrators. Select View/Edit next to the administrator you would like to modify.
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  6. Then select the Feature Permissions tab.
  7. From here, you can enable or disable the permissions to features for the administrator. In this case, we will enable the My Phone Next permission by checking the box next to My Phone Access. This will allow the administrator to access the My Phone Next portal for each of the users listed for his or her site.
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Accessing a User’s Calling User Portal

Once an administrator’s permission to access the end-user portal is enabled, the admin can easily access through the user list in the admin portal.

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select the site from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Users tab in the left-hand menu. A list of users for the site selected will appear.
  4. Find the user you would like to modify and select the Actions drop-down menu.
  5. Then select Go to User Portal. A new tab within your browser will open, and you will automatically be directed in the user’s Calling User Portal.
  6. Note: The user portal option will only appear if the user has a username and email configured.

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