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The Call Recording feature provides a hosted mechanism to record the calls placed and received on the Carrier platform for replay and archival. This feature is helpful for quality assurance, security, training, and more.

The Call Recording service is a hybrid feature, where the Carrier platform enables the Call Recording user feature settings, while storage and management of recorded calls are delivered via a portal of the third-party partner, Dubber. Recording of calls are securely sent to the Dubber platform for playback and general management.

Feature Prerequisites

  • The Call Recording feature must be enabled by your service provider and requires an agreement with Dubber. Go to for detailed information about the product, pricing, and to create an account.
  • It is recommended to consult your legal department regarding regulatory requirements for recording calls.

Before enabling a user with the Call Recording Option, The service provider administrator must enter the Group ID within the Service Portal Provider. This Group ID will be given to you by Dubber. To do this:

  1. Go to the SP Portal Page and login using your credentials.
  2. Click on Profile under the My Account menu header. Then select Setup Call Recording.
  3. A Group ID box will appear. Enter the Group ID given to you by Dubber and click Submit.
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  5. If successful, you will get a successfully configured message. If you do not, make sure you have entered your Group ID number incorrectly and try again.

    Please Note: Once Dubber is registered within the Service Portal, all of your users will be enabled for automatic provisioning. When users are enabled for Call Recording, the accounts are automatically provisioned (if the recording feature is being enabled for the first time for the customer).

    If you have not enabled automatic provisioning, users and dub points can still be added manually. To learn more about creating dub points, see To Create A Dub Point in Dubber.

Call Recording Entitlement for Users

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. From the dashboard, select the Users tab in the left-hand navigation. Here you will find a list of your users.
  3. Find and select the user you would like to enable Call Recording for and select the Actions drop-down menu.
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  5. Select Edit and the Edit User window appears.
  6. From here, select Call Recording in the left-hand navigation.
  7. Select the toggle to enable. This will expand a menu of options to configure for the user.
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  9. Once enabled, and the Dubber Group ID was added successfully, the user and dub point will automatically be provisioned.
  10. For manual provisioning of user and dub points, users and dub points, the portal provides the IDs needed for creating a user account and dub point in the Dubber portal.
  11. Choose when you would like calls to be recorded. Options include:
    1. Always
    2. Always with Pause/Resume.
    3. On Demand (Triggered by User Dialing *44)
    4. On Demand with User Initiated Start

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  13. Check the boxes next to these options to enable the following features:
    1. Play Recording Start/Stop AnnouncementNote: Call both Federal and State laws govern recording. Consult with legal counsel for your State’s requirements on playing announcements.
    2. Record Voice Messaging – Choose this option if you also want to record voicemail messages sent and received.
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  15. To enable the pause/resume notification, select this toggle. Then choose the notification type. Options include:
    1. Play Announcement – When enabled, the following notifications will play: Paused – “Your call recording has been paused successfully.” Resumed – “Your call recording service has been resumed successfully.”
    2. Beep
  16. Enable a repeat recording reminder tone by checking the box next to Repeat Call Record and select the number of seconds that the tone will repeat from the drop-down menu.
  17. Click the checkbox to show your Dubber Information. This is the information you will need to manually provision a user with the Dubber portal.
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  19. Select Save to save your changes and complete the Call Recording enablement for the user.

To Create A Dub Point in Dubber

To create a dub point, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account in Dubber.
  2. Select the People tab.
  3. Choose the appropriate External Identifier (from the user’s profile within Control Hub).
  4. Select dub.points and click Add Dub Point.
  5. Make the following selections:
    1. Product – Choose your product.
    2. External Type – Enter BroadWorks.
    3. Service Provider – Copy and paste from the user’s profile within Control Hub.
    4. External Group – Copy and paste from the user’s profile within Control Hub.
    5. External Identifier – Copy and paste from the user’s profile within the Calling Admin Portal.
  6. Select Save to save your changes.

Access your Dubber Recordings

When you first log into the Dubber web application, you are taken to the Dubber dashboard. To access your recording, click on the Recording Tab.

This allows you to view all the recordings you have access to. You have the ability to do the following:

  • Search: At the top right of the page, you will see a search bar that allows you to search for recorded content.
  • Filter: At the top of the recordings page, there are several filter options that allow you to quickly filter the recording including recorded calls, voicemails, tagged calls, or star calls.
    • You can also restrict the displayed calls to those from a specific dub Point by clicking on the down arrow on the right of the filter tabs and choosing a specific dub point

Recorded calls are shown underneath based on your search terms and applied filters.