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Signing in to the Admin Portal

You can log in to the Calling Admin Portal two ways, with a PIV Card is applicable or with your username and password.

Logging in Using PIV

A US Federal Government Employee end user, who is using the admin portal, may have been issued a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card to authenticate to Government IT systems. If you were issued a PIV card, please follow the steps below rather than using a username and password for authentication purposes.

  1. Locate and open the URL for the Admin Portal. Make sure your PIV card is in the Card Reader.
  2. At the Login Screen, click the PIV icon to choose the PIV Login option.
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  4. At the login screen, select the certificate that you normally use to log into your computer. If one or more is located on the card, select the one you wish to use.
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  6. Once selected, a popup window will appear, enter your memorized PIN and click the OK button.
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    Please Note: The card automatically clears all contents if the wrong PIN is repeatedly entered.

  8. The program will them use the PIN to access to the PIV card and retrieve the selected X.509 certificate.
  9. The program will then send the certificate in the logon sequence to Cisco BroadCloud, which will verify the certificate for correctness, ensure that the certificate has not expired or been revoked, extract the user’s identity from the certificate, and log the user onto the Admin Portal.

Logging in Without Using PIV

  1. If you are a user without a PIV Card, you can log into the Admin Portal by inputting the Username Password.
  2. Once both have been inputted in the appropriate fields, click the Sign In Button.
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Upon signing into the admin portal, you will land on the Dashboard tab. The Dashboard displays a Quick Start menu with popular features for administrators to access.