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What you need to know:

Sharing phone lines across users is a common practice, especially in traditional Key System environments. This is often put in place in rollover environment to allow calls to get through if the main number is busy.


In offices where users only have extensions provided by the Key System, sharing lines allows for a more efficient purchasing model. They key requirement to make this work effectively in most environments is to employ a Hunt group series provided by the phone provider.
The BroadSoft Hosted POTS product is designed to replace POTS lines that are wired directly to phones, or into Key systems. Every site turned up with Hosted POTS stations includes the Series completion feature, providing all the benefits of the traditional POTS provider hunt group, with enhanced control, and significantly less cost.
Feature Prerequisites/Restrictions

Before the Series Completion service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • The site must include at least two Hosted POTS stations.
  • At least two Hosted POTS stations must be assigned and active.
  • The Series must be created and have the phone numbers assigned.

Series Completion Notes:

  • Calls advance to the next number in the series automatically if the previous one is busy.
  • Call Forwarding features can be applied to the last number in series to redirect calls back to beginning of series, or out to a voicemail box or other phone number.

Adding a New Series Completion Group

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select your site from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Advanced Services tab in the left-hand menu.
  4. Then select Series Completion under the Productivity Services tab.

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  1. To add a Series Completion, select Add.

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  1. Enter or update a name label for Series Completion group which will be shown in the list of Series Completion groups. This is a required field.
  2. Next, search Available Users in the Available window. This window shows the list of Hosted POTS users which are available to be assigned to a Series Completion group.
  3. To make an assignment, check the box next to the desired user or users in the Available window and click the arrow to add the users.
  4. Users are sent calls based on their order in the list from top to bottom. To change the order, users must be removed from the list and added back into the Assigned list in the desired new order.
  5. Select Save once you have completed your changes.

a. Deleting a Series Completion Group

To delete a group;

  1. From the Series Completion page, check the box in the left most column next to the Series Completion group to be deleted.
  2. Then select Delete.
  3. The Series Completion group will be removed from the list.

b. Edit a Series Completion Group

  1. From the Series Completion page, select the Series Completion Group to edit.
  2. Select the Call Park Group to be configured. You may also Export the list of Series Completion Groups by selecting the Export button at the top of the list.
  3. Once you made your selection, click Edit to open the configuration Edit Series Completion page.

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  1. Make your changes and select Save.

Feature Operation

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  1. Caller dials the Main number (first in Series).
  2. Call is routed to first line in Series.
  3. If the first phone in the Series is busy, call is routed to the second line. If available it will ring through.
  4. Process continues until either call is answered or the last line in the Series is reached.
  5. If call reaches last line in series and line is busy, Caller will hear a busy signal, or call will be forwarded to another number if Call forwarding Busy is configured.